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We changed.

Sorry wrong blog. Hallucinating? Or not?

Sing to me?


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Monday, August 24, 2009 - 11:29 AM

Somehow I'm back to the spot. Same spot.
Still the same old different me, if you're wondering.
Life has been pretty eventful - catching up with the gorgeous girls, watching a dance concert, bumping into old friends along the way, picking up some forgotten pieces in life, savoring some not-very-authentic jap food, learning jap! and being me (:
If one day my crazy energy level eventually fades off, life wouldn't be that bad I supposed, but I'd be very grateful, for once upon a time, I was blessed with a great life.

Monday, July 20, 2009 - 2:05 PM

It's been awhile.
Everyone (I doubt anyone is still reading this,haha), Ogenki desuka??? haha (p.s. my nihonggo still sucks worse than the smelly vacuum cleaner I've been using, other than arigato gozaimasu and otsukaresamadesu and maybe some Osaka dialect, I'm just pretending as if I know some jap words.We all are pretenders anyway aren't we. We bow, we nod, we smile and we kampai, yays)
Just 3 short months, so many things have happened. Did i change again? For the better or otherwise?
It doesn't really matter. At least, I'm back.
Where to? Doesn't really matter too.
I'm back, home, for a while. at least.
Okay, crap aside, before this blog officially claims dead, I shall just post up some of my fav pictures in Nihon. My colleagues are really nice and lovely.I'm missing them already. Meccha samishi!

Bento! my everyday-lunchtime-fav (: it became a bit blend after a while tho.

Best memory in Japan! Mountain climbing in Nara.Meccha cho sukiyane!

Say hi to Otoro everyone, they melt in your mouth like dry ice (haha some personal joke summimasen), i think i can die for them.

That's why I'm still alive now. I owe much to them.

I owe even more to them. esp my sweetest roomie ever. (and eventho you don't read my blog), thanks for baring with my crazymadinsane nonsense. I miss you alr ):

This macha ice-cream wraps up my japan voyage. bitter as it can be, the sweetness that melts in the mouth is so memorable that the taste just lingers, even after a million years, or longer.

The internship was good. Really. It was beautiful, with so many gorgeous people to thank. Yes yes yes, I do not know why I'm very thankful whenever I blog. But I'm just thankful. Can't wait to see the gorgeous ppl in school too. Love y'all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009 - 7:12 AM

Some pictures. See I'm still alive. and breathing. haha

Yesterday was insane. Some family party in the afternoon (we made takoyaki and okonomiyaki! yums! and it's so easy! but i doubt we can find the takoyaki machine back at home.hmm), some drinking sessions with the colleagues at night, and karaoke-d till 3 am or later. HAHA. I wanted to Kyoto today but, HOW? haha.

Intern has been great. I had an awesome dinner of raw fishes with the bosses. And of cos a drinking and Japanese satay session afterwards. No, I have not been drinking a lot. Maybe like twice a week the most. See, I've been really good. Cycling around is the best exercise. I love the chilly wind blowing pass my face (: The people are really nice and friendly too. They are really curious about the diversities of ASEAN countries and are very keen to know more about it. But I really should have learnt Japanese. Sigh. It was a little sad when the operators try to make me understand what they are trying to tell me but just saying all the Japanese food namae. HAHA I have stong Japanese vocab in those, only. I would have been able to learn so many more things if I do. Note to self: omg learning is neverending.

Takoyaki in making! Super fun (:

I'll take good care of myself here. You all have to too. Cos I miss you all, I'm blessed with great family members and awesome friends like you all and I'm appreciating it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009 - 6:00 AM

Pictures speak a million words. I have work on most of the days so I can only update now. And I still have weekly report to write so I shall just upload pictures (: I hope everyone is doing well! Esp my dear sisters, girl friends, boy friends and of cos, MY DARLING! and you too. haha
Tokyo! I had the most expensive Jap food at a skyview restaurant, thanks to the Company. That's my roomie from NUS and the Parie Eiffel Tower lookalike Tokyo Tower.
That's me in my uniform.haha and my bedroom in the middle (we sleep on tatami!) and..food, as usual.haha I have bento for all my lunches. Jap homecooked is actually very healthy. Oh and Ocha anytime.haha

Our short trip around Osaka city area yesterday! See Jap kids in uniform (:Last but not least, food from Umeda, Shinsaibashi, Osaka and Tennoji! The tako balls (originally from Osaka) is oishi!!!!

ok i shall now go iron my uniform, wash the toilet, vacuum the room and do more laundry now. Till then, Otsukaresamadesu!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 - 3:13 PM

Konbawa! Summimasen for not updating upon arrival!
I have to wake up at 6 (i.e. 5 Sg time) tomm morning for work. lol. I shall just briefly update.
1. Was in Tokyo for one day half. Gorgeous. and very urbanized. Orientation at the head office was very posh. Shibuya was crowded worse than Orchard and Tokyo Tower is an Eiffel Tower immitate.haha Shijuku is nearby too but we didn't have time to explore. Just go watch Shinjuku Incident and the streets look exactly alike.
2. Am now in Osaka, Takaishi-city, preparing to sleep in my very kawaii ne apartment. Go watch Ramen Girl and that's how the neighbourhood looks like. I live by the sea and I cycle to work. shocked? there's more to come. haha

The Japanese are very nice once they know you are a foreigner. The food is OMG. Simply OMG. even the 460 yen katsudon has the most juicy and tender meat ever.

I'll try (albeit very hard) to upload some pics when my eyes can open wider. I'm missing you, you, and you. And home the most.


Monday, May 4, 2009 - 9:32 AM

Let's welcome the new family member to the existing one (: It's very heartwarming.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 - 9:38 AM

It must have been awhile. It doesn't seem that long but it has been quite a while since I last came here. The days after the papers have been nothing but blissful albeit a lil packed.haha.Like what you told me last night, I am a truly blessed kid. And I think you make up part of it too.

Dinner with the gorgeous sisters at Raj. The food was scrumplious (:

There's someone which I could not thank enough. Been spent almost everyday of my one whole year with you has been really good. Insanity but all good (: Thanks for being very patient with me and stand up for me. You have me too. Lots of hugs for my youngest sister! And dear ost, I've been missing you. Unbearably missing you. Please stop my craving for you when I get back. Big sis! let's have more swimming session next sem (I know it's gona be quite a heavy sem for you but you have us to back you up all the way ok?). Your wise words always make me think. I like that. And I love you for that. NHP, the sweet innocent one, you complete us, you always do, so naturally. Argh, makes me wonder how would my uni life be if I've not met you all. Must be a disaster.

Told you the food was good.It's at Biopolis.go try.

Pre-bday bbq with the gang

Thanks for those that came. Thanks for organizing. You all make my life really really beautiful.Thank you. Oh, thanks for the gift too! Haha jio me for more swimming sessions! Anytime.

sClub7 gathering! check out the nipple(s).lol

Writing till this point, I do not know how to further express my gratitude to all of you that truly care. I hope a simple 'thank you' is enough. It isn't. But when I said it, I mean it.Trust me. You all mean a lot to me *hugs*

And last but not least, you never fail in making me all high and happy, from the bottom of my heart. I'm so so so gona miss you. I'll be thinking of you. Have a great intern Darling (:

Loving you like no air can breath~

And for all of you that have wished (or not) me, as long as you are a friend of mine, and you actually care, you deserve a big hug from me. You make me different. *HUGS*

To sum up, I'll be away in Osaka for my intern. Yes, the journey continues. I love you all.